Customer Satisfaction Through Employee Satisfaction

Friendly and satisfied employees who are supported by competent leadership and benefit from an interesting workplace are the basis for a good working atmosphere and a key element of customer satisfaction.


Constant expansion increases the responsibility of MPREIS:
“As one of Tyrol’s largest employers we are aware of our responsibility to secure existing jobs and permanently create new job opportunities.“ The socio-economic commitment of MPREIS contributes substantially to the quality of Tyrol’s economy.

MPREIS cares about the well-being of its employees. Ensuring a high-quality workplace in an aesthetic environment increases employee motivation and satisfaction.

Quality of life can also be experienced ”behind the scenes“. Particular value is placed on providing pleasant staff rooms where employees can rest and recover.
No other branch is as dynamic and competitive as food retail. In order to support and prepare employees for the constantly changing conditions and rising demands of consumers, MPREIS provides highly efficient top-quality education and training programs for its staff.

A culture of mutual trust promotes the cooperation and responsibility of employees.

To work at MPREIS means to reach common goals through:

Personal responsibility
Contributing personal abilities
Interest in food products
Self organisation
Willingness to undergo further training


MPREIS – the Tyrolean business of the Mölk family – has developed into a very strong local brand over the years and plays a major role as a trendsetter in food retail with innovative and future-oriented impulses that are often emulated by competitors.

With its unconventional sense for beauty, design and aesthetics, MPREIS created a distinctive brand profile and takes a leading position on the food retail market.

As a local Tyrolean business we appreciate the commitment of our employees who support our idea of unconventional concepts and innovative strength!

MPREIS considers change not as a threat but as an opportunity to break new ground. This innovative strength is reflected in all business areas.


MPREIS adopts an employee-oriented and value-centered management approach that is based on a humanistic ideal and considers mutual appreciation as the principle of good cooperation.

Mutual trust, friendship and partnership with employees that developed over many years create a unique working atmosphere and a tangible culture of trust.


With its employee-oriented and value-cantered management approach, MPREIS places equal value on teamwork as on individual performance.

Cooperation in a team is the best way to combine the individual strengths and abilities of all employees and achieve collective success.

"A team can only be successful if everybody pulls together. Through our good cooperation we have built great friendships!", says Gabriele Grießer, store manageress in Innsbruck.


Promoting Women and Families

The demand-focused and future-oriented policy of promoting women and families ensures equal opportunities for women and benefits men as well.

MPREIS has the declared goal to support women in finding a balance between family, work and their career. Flexible models of working hours permit individual solutions that optimally address the needs of employees.

Ethnic Openness

MPREIS believes that employees of varied ethnic backgrounds are a valuable asset for the company.

Providing equal career opportunities for all employees – regardless of their ethnic background, gender or age – is a part of our professional attitude.
The Tyrolean family business appreciates the advantages of cultural differences and benefits from the knowledge and the abilities of employees from various countries.

MPREIS promotes the integration of migrant workers through internal training programs and German language courses.

In 2004, MPREIS received the Tyrolean Award for Integration. This was the first time that a business was honoured with this award!


MPREIS offers:
The same income form men and women (no gender-specific differences in wages)
Career: equal career opportunities form men and women
Support in finding a suitable childcare facility
Preferential treatment for mothers with regards to working hours
Support for women who re-enter the workforce through seminars and workshops (during working hours)
The possibility to change between part-time and full-time work


The wide range of flexible and employee-oriented working time models increases our staff’s quality of life. We respect the individual needs of our employees to help them find an optimal balance of working life, family and career according to their personal goals.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of old-age part-time work and part-time maternity leave. Our flexibiltiy is also exemplified by the various job entry opportunities. Careers at MPREIS are open to school leavers, housewives/husbands, experienced professionals, students or university graduates.


Considering individual needs:

Part-time employment
Changing  from part-time to full-time employment or viceversa
Leave of absence in the case of unexpected family issues
Flexibility and consideration with regards to your holiday plans
Possibility of part-time work during maternity leave


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